Sundog Millionaires

Return to Soab

Hal Pash got a surprise visit from Captain Kea Govan – he came home to find the Imperial Governor and a few troopers waiting for him in his quarters. Govan hinted that he knew about Hal’s secret past – including Hal’s former name – and that, if Hal didn’t want the secret to get out, the crew of the Sundog would have to do a favour for the Empire.

Hal called Jopsi Tanoor to come and back him up in his… “negotiation,” let’s call it, with Govan. Jopsi brought along Jowkabukk and Trask Karan (though not HK-86, because of the droid’s tendency to suddenly decide to kill everyone around), and the crew managed to negotiate a fair price for the job, including maintenance and refurbishment for Sundog at the Imperial docks.

The job? Return to the ruined planet Soab, where the recently reactivated planetary defenses (thanks, Hal!) had shot down an Imperial communications frigate. The crew was to recover the cipher computers from the downed ship and return them to the Empire. Oh, and also rescue any survivors, of course, but mainly get those computers before they could be stolen by pirates.

Jopsi was feeling a little put out by being forced to take a job, so he sent a message to Gyra Sundar with the Dantooine Development Consortium. There had been enough hints that the DDC was a front for disaffected elements in the Empire, and thought they might be interested in a loose set of Imperial codes floating around. Sundar instead asked Jopsi to load a virus into the computer – he didn’t say what the virus would do. In return, Sundar would alert Jopsi the next time an interesting (read Jedi) archaeological site was turned up on Dantooine, and let Jopsi have first crack at recovering anything from the site.

So, off to Soab.

Of course, others were after the cipher computers. Rin-Sa Vin had sent word to Drago Noshey that he would pay top credit for the computer (which he could then auction off to pirates), so Maker’s Mark was already on Soab when Sundog made it past the very active orbital defenses to land in a ruined building above the crash site.

From this vantage point, though, they were able to blast Maker’s Mark with their turbo lasers, doing enough damage that the ship would be extremely hampered taking off again. Then our heroes went down to the crashed frigate and rescued a number of survivors. The computers, though, were missing, along with a bunch of other pieces of tech.

A little observation found scavenger drones slowly stripping the wrecked ship and carrying the bits deep into the depths of Soab, so down went the crew. In the depths, they found the central foundry that was rendering the various parts down to their components for use in the repair and maintenance of Soab’s automated systems. They managed to rescue the computer, and blow up that foundry, but ran into Noshey and his crew during their escape. A running firefight ensued, ended by Jowkabukk slicing the controls of an old subway tram and escaping at high speed while everyone lobbed blaster fire and explosives at the pursuing villains.

Back in Sundog, they managed to once again evade the orbital defenses and make for Nar Shaddaa. On the way, Jopsi found a private moment to load in Sundar’s virus, and report his success.

The Empire was very grateful for the job, and honoured the bargain, probably not tampering at all with Sundog during the refit. Right?



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