Sundog Millionaires

The Temple of the Living Planet

Good as their word, the Dantooine Development Consortium let Jopsi Tanoor know when they found a new Jedi site on Dantooine. Sundog headed straight there, and began exploring what turned out to be a small Jedi monastery.

Trask Karanfound a valuable green lightsabre crystal, and Jopsi and the others turned up some valuable relics of the Old Republic that they are pretty sure they can sell to Coruscant Antiquities for a fair pile of credits.

Deeper in the complex, they found a cave that was open to the outer world. In this cave, their old friend Yan Retwin was hiding with his ship, Red Wind. Despite their troubled history, Yan was willing to trade an article that he had found in the caves under the monastery for some food and energy crystals – he’s being hunted by the Empire and by various pirates after the little misunderstanding with Jyn Starfell and The Shadowed Hand.

He turned over a Jedi holocron, which made Trask positively giddy. He also warned our intrepid explorers not to go deeper into the caves, because of strange, monstrous creatures.

Naturally, the crew ignored that warning completely, and scurried off to find these monsters.

Find them they did, and fought a mighty battle against them, finally winning through to a vast, ancient chamber that seemed to predate even the Old Republic – the Temple of the Living Planet. There was such a concentration of the Force and other energies in this place that it made each of the people there feel flush with power and ability. Hints that this place could harness the power of the entire planet of Dantooine for some unknown purpose caused our heroes to leave and seal the entrance behind them, lest it fall into the wrong hands.



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