Sundog Millionaires


Jowkabukk received word from Zulara Froud that Vogga the Hutt was receiving a new shipment for his menagerie. This shipment also had a number of slaves to look after the creatures and upgrade the menagerie security systems. One of the slaves was Lofwyk, a female wookiee of Jowkabukk’s aquaintance.

When Jowkabukk had initially escaped from slavery, Lofwyk had been the primary planner and leader of the jailbreak. Faced with an upgraded security door, she had sacrificed her freedom to ensure that Jowkabukk and the others made it out of the Hutts’ grasp. Hearing that she was on her way to Nar Shaddaa on board Drago Noshey‘s Maker’s Mark, he persuaded the rest of Sundog’s crew to help him repay his debt.

The team first of all salvaged and refitted an old ion cannon from one of the wrecks in Nar Shadaa’s depths, then paid a visit to the docks. A little friendly pressure applied to Yet Toloma got them the shipping schedules and custom check point for the delivery. They also hit the black market and got a holographic disguise kit.

Using false identification codes, they redirected Maker’s Mark to an isolated location outside of Imperial observation for their “customs inspection.” The plan was to fake a customs inspection and confiscate Lofwyk, telling Noshey that he could report to Imperial customs back at Nar Shadaa to reclaim the confiscated property.

The first complication arose when HK-86 decided he really wanted to try out the new ion cannon. So, he blew the hell out of Maker’s Mark as it came out of hyperspace, leaving it floating helpless in space.

This caused a rapid rethinking of the plan, though in the end, they decided to stick to the main narrative, and claim that the ion cannon was standard Imperial procedure. Hal Pash used the disguise kit to masquerade as an Imperial lieutenant – his time as an Imperial diplomat let him pull off the haughty, arrogant, commanding Imperial officer character perfectly. In no time, he had cowed the Crew of the Maker’s Mark, and the others went to inspect the cargo.

The next complication was the fact that there were three wookiee slaves (including Lofwyk), and two twi’lek slaves. Trask decided that they couldn’t leave any of them behind, and so they confiscated all five slaves.

Oddly, they didn’t want to confiscate the gundarks that were being brought for the menagerie. No accounting for taste, I guess.

They loaded their confiscated slaves onto Sundog and jumped away, leaving Noshey and his crew to get their ship running again and make their way home to Nar Shadaa. Sundog jumped to Dantooine, where their contacts in the Dantooine Development Consortium agreed to get the slaves to freedom.

Back home, enjoying a celebratory drink in the canteen, Captain Kea Govan came in and called Hal by the false name he had used on this caper. He didn’t make any trouble, ask any questions, or arrest anyone – it seemed he just wanted Hal to know that he knew what had happened.

The Temple of the Living Planet

Good as their word, the Dantooine Development Consortium let Jopsi Tanoor know when they found a new Jedi site on Dantooine. Sundog headed straight there, and began exploring what turned out to be a small Jedi monastery.

Trask Karanfound a valuable green lightsabre crystal, and Jopsi and the others turned up some valuable relics of the Old Republic that they are pretty sure they can sell to Coruscant Antiquities for a fair pile of credits.

Deeper in the complex, they found a cave that was open to the outer world. In this cave, their old friend Yan Retwin was hiding with his ship, Red Wind. Despite their troubled history, Yan was willing to trade an article that he had found in the caves under the monastery for some food and energy crystals – he’s being hunted by the Empire and by various pirates after the little misunderstanding with Jyn Starfell and The Shadowed Hand.

He turned over a Jedi holocron, which made Trask positively giddy. He also warned our intrepid explorers not to go deeper into the caves, because of strange, monstrous creatures.

Naturally, the crew ignored that warning completely, and scurried off to find these monsters.

Find them they did, and fought a mighty battle against them, finally winning through to a vast, ancient chamber that seemed to predate even the Old Republic – the Temple of the Living Planet. There was such a concentration of the Force and other energies in this place that it made each of the people there feel flush with power and ability. Hints that this place could harness the power of the entire planet of Dantooine for some unknown purpose caused our heroes to leave and seal the entrance behind them, lest it fall into the wrong hands.

Return to Soab

Hal Pash got a surprise visit from Captain Kea Govan – he came home to find the Imperial Governor and a few troopers waiting for him in his quarters. Govan hinted that he knew about Hal’s secret past – including Hal’s former name – and that, if Hal didn’t want the secret to get out, the crew of the Sundog would have to do a favour for the Empire.

Hal called Jopsi Tanoor to come and back him up in his… “negotiation,” let’s call it, with Govan. Jopsi brought along Jowkabukk and Trask Karan (though not HK-86, because of the droid’s tendency to suddenly decide to kill everyone around), and the crew managed to negotiate a fair price for the job, including maintenance and refurbishment for Sundog at the Imperial docks.

The job? Return to the ruined planet Soab, where the recently reactivated planetary defenses (thanks, Hal!) had shot down an Imperial communications frigate. The crew was to recover the cipher computers from the downed ship and return them to the Empire. Oh, and also rescue any survivors, of course, but mainly get those computers before they could be stolen by pirates.

Jopsi was feeling a little put out by being forced to take a job, so he sent a message to Gyra Sundar with the Dantooine Development Consortium. There had been enough hints that the DDC was a front for disaffected elements in the Empire, and thought they might be interested in a loose set of Imperial codes floating around. Sundar instead asked Jopsi to load a virus into the computer – he didn’t say what the virus would do. In return, Sundar would alert Jopsi the next time an interesting (read Jedi) archaeological site was turned up on Dantooine, and let Jopsi have first crack at recovering anything from the site.

So, off to Soab.

Of course, others were after the cipher computers. Rin-Sa Vin had sent word to Drago Noshey that he would pay top credit for the computer (which he could then auction off to pirates), so Maker’s Mark was already on Soab when Sundog made it past the very active orbital defenses to land in a ruined building above the crash site.

From this vantage point, though, they were able to blast Maker’s Mark with their turbo lasers, doing enough damage that the ship would be extremely hampered taking off again. Then our heroes went down to the crashed frigate and rescued a number of survivors. The computers, though, were missing, along with a bunch of other pieces of tech.

A little observation found scavenger drones slowly stripping the wrecked ship and carrying the bits deep into the depths of Soab, so down went the crew. In the depths, they found the central foundry that was rendering the various parts down to their components for use in the repair and maintenance of Soab’s automated systems. They managed to rescue the computer, and blow up that foundry, but ran into Noshey and his crew during their escape. A running firefight ensued, ended by Jowkabukk slicing the controls of an old subway tram and escaping at high speed while everyone lobbed blaster fire and explosives at the pursuing villains.

Back in Sundog, they managed to once again evade the orbital defenses and make for Nar Shaddaa. On the way, Jopsi found a private moment to load in Sundar’s virus, and report his success.

The Empire was very grateful for the job, and honoured the bargain, probably not tampering at all with Sundog during the refit. Right?


After dealing with Jyn Starfell and his pirates, our heroes returned to Kyra’s Wheel, intent on freeing Jopsi Tanoor from station security. They were not the only interested parties, though; Imperial troops, summoned by Hal Pash to capture The Shadowed Hand, was looking for Yan Retwin and Red Wind, whom Hal had framed for the distress call.

The actual jailbreak involved extensive slicing, a little bit of fighting, a lot of sneaking around, and a quick getaway from the station. At the end of things, our heroes were reunited, but not as welcome on Kyra’s Wheel as they had been. In particular, PD5-O is carrying a grudge, mainly focused on Jopsi. And Yan Retwin is on the run from the Imperials, with a really good idea about who set him up.

Pirates of the Mollek Nebula, Part Two

Things started out a little rough for our heroes. Just before they were about to leave Kyra’s Wheel, station security arrested Jopsi Tanoor for his involvement in the shoot-out that left several bodies on the deck. The crew debated trying to free him before pursuing the pirates, but then they received a message from Hal Pash that he had successfully infiltrated The Shadowed Hand, disguised as one of Jyn Starfell’s pirates, and was ready to spring into action.

So, they left Jopsi in jail, trusting that they would be able to come back and free him after they’d completed the more time-sensitive mission of recovering the code-locked box that Coruscant Antiquities was paying them to retrieve. With the help of the information they had retrieved last session, and with Hal working undercover on the pirate ship, they managed to find it in the Mollek Nebula, approach it stealthily, and board it without anyone on board (besides Hal) noticing.

There followed some wonderful hijinks as the crew crept around the corridors of The Shadowed Hand, doing their best to deactivate any alarms (and accidentally triggering some), avoid groups of pirates (and walking right into the middle of some), and quietly snatching their objective from the secured cargo bay (and running afoul of Jyn Starfell there). HK-86 and Hal managed an escape from the cargo bay by ducking out an airlock and walking on the outer surface of The Shadowed Hand back to where Sundog was docked. And then they started blowing the crap out of The Shadowed Hand.

Trask Karan and Jowkabukk weren’t quite so lucky, however. They got cornered by Jyn Starfell and a large gang of pirates, and the fight was nasty. Trask eventually had to reveal his Jedi status, igniting his lightsaber in a beautifully cinematic scene, just to keep him and Jowkabukk alive. Jowkabukk took the brunt of the pirate blaster fire while Trask and Jyn dueled, and was shot down before help arrived.

But help did arrive, in the form of HK-86 and his really big guns. The brief respite this provided allowed our heroes to make their escape to Sundog, where Hal had already sent a distress signal to the Imperial forces in the area. With Jowkabukk in the infirmary, Sundog jumped to lightspeed just as the Imperial cruiser arrived, leaving the crippled pirate ship to deal with the officials.

On their way back to Kyra’s Wheel, Jowkabukk decided that he would try an open the code-locked box to see what was inside. It contained a rather battered lightsaber that, when Trask activated it, had a purple blade. They reverently sealed Master Windu’s saber back in the box for delivery to their clients.

And then turned their thoughts toward how they’re going to get Jopsi released from jail.

Pirates of the Mollek Nebula, Part One

Trask Karan, on his way back from meditating in The Bad Cave, was stopped by some men, who took him to speak with Qurzit Rayley. She had a job offer for the group – recovery of a code-locked box that Coruscant Antiquities had acquired for a collector. Said box had been taken by pirates in transit back to Coruscant.

With little information to go on beside the last-known co-ordinates of the transport ship, the crew managed to locate a somewhat damaged military-grade sensor package on the black market, and Jowkabukk installed it in the Sundog. They then went out to Kyra’s Wheel to see what information they could turn up about pirates operating in the area.

Jopsi Tanoor ran into Yan Retwin at Astro Mac’s, and found out that it was likely the pirates of The Shadowed Hand, led by Jyn Starfell, that had taken the transport. Some slicing got them a schedule of the pirates’ visits to the station, and analysis of the flight plans showed that they were probably based somewhere in the Mollek Nebula. Also, that the pirates generally dealt with Rin-Sa Vin. HK-86 even managed to tap some of his contacts in Droid Town to obtain a schematic of The Shadowed Hand from the last time it had put in for repairs.

The size and firepower of the pirate ship got the crew looking for a way to get the box from them without engaging in a head-on space battle. They went to see Rin-Sa Vin, masquerading as buyers interested in the pirates’ latest haul, and were able to set up a meeting with them in a few days’ time.

As they were returning from meeting with the broker, they were ambushed by a gang of thugs. They made fairly short work of them, but HK-86 slipped into his slaughter programming and killed most of the attackers. One survivor, facing some rather intimidating questioning, revealed that Yan Retwin had hired him because Yan was working with Jyn Starfell.

Now, the crew is unsure how much the pirates know about them, and whether or not the trap meeting they’ve set up will trap Jyn Starfell or them.

Escape from Soab

The crew of Sundog, while prospecting in the fringes of the The Soort Cloud, suffered a major reactor failure, making an emergency landing on the wreck of the planet Soab. They scoured the ruined industrial complexes until they found a reactor that Jowkabukk judged they could adapt to their ship, and proceeded to extract it from it’s location.

They had just managed to get it free and attach the grav lifters to it, when Kaylan Marr arrived with a small army of his crew in tow, yelling for Jopsi to turn over whatever they had discovered and surrender. Jopsi and Hal worked to keep Kaylan occupied, while Jowkabukk freed a forklift, Trask stirred up a dust cloud, and HK-86 started overpowering his servos in preparation for a fight.

Jopsi started the festivities by charging at Kaylan and getting caught in his stasis net trap. Jowkabukk followed that up with a forklift charge into a group of smugglers, pushing them into one of the many radioactive fissures in the floor. Unfortunately, he was caught in the driver’s cage of the forklift, and HK-86 had to pry him out. It was around this time that the security droids flew in.

These droids initially targeted only the smugglers, as they were the only ones firing weapons so far. This turning tide – along with Jopsi escaping the stasis net and Hal closing in on Kaylan – led to Kaylan abandoning his men and fleeing. The droids and our heroes made short work of the smugglers, and then a combination of stasis net and Force powers (accompanied by a crazed and homicidal HK-86) finished off the security droids.

When the excitement was over, the crew set to hauling the salvaged reactors back to the ship. After carefully scouting a way through a field of jagged glass and muscling the large machinery through a narrow, rubble-choked maze of buildings, they arrived back at Sundog to find a number of droids monitoring it. Jopsi snuck across the open ground to open the loading ramp, and was surprised to find Kaylan hiding there, ready to shoot him.

The stand-off lasted just long enough for the rest of the crew to arrive, and then Trask “suggested” that Kaylan would do better to retreat, being outnumbered. Kaylan bowed to this advice, and took off again. The crew hauled the reactors aboard, hooked them up, and powered up the ship. Working as a well-oiled machine, they blasted the droids out of the way, charted a hyperspace route, supercharged the engines, and piloted a daring path between two orbital defence platforms to escape the planet and return to Nar Shaddaa.


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