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    h3. Ships * [[Maker's Mark | _Maker's Mark_]] * [[Pride of Selonia | _Pride of Selonia_]] * [[Sundog | _Sundog_]] * [[Raven's Wing | _Raven's Wing_]] * [[The Shadowed Hand | _The Shadowed Hand_]]

  • Maker's Mark

    A slightly older YV-929 armed freighter, _Maker’s Mark_ has been carefully restored and returned to pristine condition. [[:drago-noshey | Drago Noshey]], her owner and captain, crews her with the best thugs his money can buy, and has made a few special …

  • Pride of Selonia

    A _Lancer_-class frigate, _Pride of Selonia_ has been sent to guard the shipyards around [[Nar Shaddaa | Nar Shaddaa]]. Her captain, [[:captain-kea-govan | Kea Govan]], is the new Imperial Governor. _Selonia_ has a pair of armed shuttles used for picket …

  • Sundog

    A refurbished YT-1930 Light Freighter, _Sundog_ is a fast, tough ship. The crew has been somewhat lax about keeping up the regular maintenance schedule due to cash flow issues, but the ship is surprisingly tough, and the crew is resourceful. They've …

  • Raven's Wing

    An old Republic military supply ship bought on the cheap and heavily customized, the _Raven's Wing_ is [[:kaylan-marr | Kaylan Marr]]'s ship. It's got plenty of hidden nooks and crannies for contraband, and plenty of bunk space for a veritable army of …

  • The Shadowed Hand

    _The Shadowed Hand_ is a bulk transport that has been converted to carry three squadrons of starfighters. Only slightly smaller than a capital ship, it represents a serious threat to most small freighters, even those traveling in convoy for protection. …

  • Red Wind

    A well-maintained, fairly new YZ-775 owned by [[:yan-retwin | Yan Retwin]]. It is currently the subject of an Imperial Warrant, thanks to the actions of the [[Sundog | Sundog]] crew. *Aspects:* Modified YZ-775, Good As New, All Paid Up

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