A Time of Change…

You hear that things are changing in the galaxy.

Even in remote Nar Shaddaa, you’ve got the official word that the Republic is now the Empire. Doesn’t much matter to you – you still have to worry more about your debt to Zulara than you do about some new-minted Imperial Governor that still has the shiny on him. Yeah, he says he’s going to reform the way things work here, but he’s only got one real ship and a single platoon of troopers.

No, the big change seems to be that there are a few more… let’s call them discrete jobs, okay? A few more discrete jobs available for the independent crew who can get them done. And keep their mouths shut.

The other big change? Well, you’ve got that Imperial frigate stationed here to watch over the shipyards, but a lot of other places – especially in the Outer Rim – have seen a lessening of official presence. With the Clone Wars over, the odds of running into a military ship have gone down. The Republic patrols are now Imperial patrols, and they’ve been pulled back in towards the Core Worlds for consolidation. Even the blockade around the Soort Cloud has been redeployed. Mostly, anyway.

All of that’s good for you. You need to make some credits and keep Zulara happy about the cash coming in, so that he can keep Vogga happy. And that’s gotten easier in among all the shifts of power and attention.

There’s a fortune out there, just waiting for you…

…if you’re willing to take the risks.

Sundog Millionaires

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