Sundog Millionaires

Escape from Soab

The crew of Sundog, while prospecting in the fringes of the The Soort Cloud, suffered a major reactor failure, making an emergency landing on the wreck of the planet Soab. They scoured the ruined industrial complexes until they found a reactor that Jowkabukk judged they could adapt to their ship, and proceeded to extract it from it’s location.

They had just managed to get it free and attach the grav lifters to it, when Kaylan Marr arrived with a small army of his crew in tow, yelling for Jopsi to turn over whatever they had discovered and surrender. Jopsi and Hal worked to keep Kaylan occupied, while Jowkabukk freed a forklift, Trask stirred up a dust cloud, and HK-86 started overpowering his servos in preparation for a fight.

Jopsi started the festivities by charging at Kaylan and getting caught in his stasis net trap. Jowkabukk followed that up with a forklift charge into a group of smugglers, pushing them into one of the many radioactive fissures in the floor. Unfortunately, he was caught in the driver’s cage of the forklift, and HK-86 had to pry him out. It was around this time that the security droids flew in.

These droids initially targeted only the smugglers, as they were the only ones firing weapons so far. This turning tide – along with Jopsi escaping the stasis net and Hal closing in on Kaylan – led to Kaylan abandoning his men and fleeing. The droids and our heroes made short work of the smugglers, and then a combination of stasis net and Force powers (accompanied by a crazed and homicidal HK-86) finished off the security droids.

When the excitement was over, the crew set to hauling the salvaged reactors back to the ship. After carefully scouting a way through a field of jagged glass and muscling the large machinery through a narrow, rubble-choked maze of buildings, they arrived back at Sundog to find a number of droids monitoring it. Jopsi snuck across the open ground to open the loading ramp, and was surprised to find Kaylan hiding there, ready to shoot him.

The stand-off lasted just long enough for the rest of the crew to arrive, and then Trask “suggested” that Kaylan would do better to retreat, being outnumbered. Kaylan bowed to this advice, and took off again. The crew hauled the reactors aboard, hooked them up, and powered up the ship. Working as a well-oiled machine, they blasted the droids out of the way, charted a hyperspace route, supercharged the engines, and piloted a daring path between two orbital defence platforms to escape the planet and return to Nar Shaddaa.


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