Sundog Millionaires


After dealing with Jyn Starfell and his pirates, our heroes returned to Kyra’s Wheel, intent on freeing Jopsi Tanoor from station security. They were not the only interested parties, though; Imperial troops, summoned by Hal Pash to capture The Shadowed Hand, was looking for Yan Retwin and Red Wind, whom Hal had framed for the distress call.

The actual jailbreak involved extensive slicing, a little bit of fighting, a lot of sneaking around, and a quick getaway from the station. At the end of things, our heroes were reunited, but not as welcome on Kyra’s Wheel as they had been. In particular, PD5-O is carrying a grudge, mainly focused on Jopsi. And Yan Retwin is on the run from the Imperials, with a really good idea about who set him up.


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