Sundog Millionaires


Jowkabukk received word from Zulara Froud that Vogga the Hutt was receiving a new shipment for his menagerie. This shipment also had a number of slaves to look after the creatures and upgrade the menagerie security systems. One of the slaves was Lofwyk, a female wookiee of Jowkabukk’s aquaintance.

When Jowkabukk had initially escaped from slavery, Lofwyk had been the primary planner and leader of the jailbreak. Faced with an upgraded security door, she had sacrificed her freedom to ensure that Jowkabukk and the others made it out of the Hutts’ grasp. Hearing that she was on her way to Nar Shaddaa on board Drago Noshey‘s Maker’s Mark, he persuaded the rest of Sundog’s crew to help him repay his debt.

The team first of all salvaged and refitted an old ion cannon from one of the wrecks in Nar Shadaa’s depths, then paid a visit to the docks. A little friendly pressure applied to Yet Toloma got them the shipping schedules and custom check point for the delivery. They also hit the black market and got a holographic disguise kit.

Using false identification codes, they redirected Maker’s Mark to an isolated location outside of Imperial observation for their “customs inspection.” The plan was to fake a customs inspection and confiscate Lofwyk, telling Noshey that he could report to Imperial customs back at Nar Shadaa to reclaim the confiscated property.

The first complication arose when HK-86 decided he really wanted to try out the new ion cannon. So, he blew the hell out of Maker’s Mark as it came out of hyperspace, leaving it floating helpless in space.

This caused a rapid rethinking of the plan, though in the end, they decided to stick to the main narrative, and claim that the ion cannon was standard Imperial procedure. Hal Pash used the disguise kit to masquerade as an Imperial lieutenant – his time as an Imperial diplomat let him pull off the haughty, arrogant, commanding Imperial officer character perfectly. In no time, he had cowed the Crew of the Maker’s Mark, and the others went to inspect the cargo.

The next complication was the fact that there were three wookiee slaves (including Lofwyk), and two twi’lek slaves. Trask decided that they couldn’t leave any of them behind, and so they confiscated all five slaves.

Oddly, they didn’t want to confiscate the gundarks that were being brought for the menagerie. No accounting for taste, I guess.

They loaded their confiscated slaves onto Sundog and jumped away, leaving Noshey and his crew to get their ship running again and make their way home to Nar Shadaa. Sundog jumped to Dantooine, where their contacts in the Dantooine Development Consortium agreed to get the slaves to freedom.

Back home, enjoying a celebratory drink in the canteen, Captain Kea Govan came in and called Hal by the false name he had used on this caper. He didn’t make any trouble, ask any questions, or arrest anyone – it seemed he just wanted Hal to know that he knew what had happened.


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