Sundog Millionaires

Pirates of the Mollek Nebula, Part One

Trask Karan, on his way back from meditating in The Bad Cave, was stopped by some men, who took him to speak with Qurzit Rayley. She had a job offer for the group – recovery of a code-locked box that Coruscant Antiquities had acquired for a collector. Said box had been taken by pirates in transit back to Coruscant.

With little information to go on beside the last-known co-ordinates of the transport ship, the crew managed to locate a somewhat damaged military-grade sensor package on the black market, and Jowkabukk installed it in the Sundog. They then went out to Kyra’s Wheel to see what information they could turn up about pirates operating in the area.

Jopsi Tanoor ran into Yan Retwin at Astro Mac’s, and found out that it was likely the pirates of The Shadowed Hand, led by Jyn Starfell, that had taken the transport. Some slicing got them a schedule of the pirates’ visits to the station, and analysis of the flight plans showed that they were probably based somewhere in the Mollek Nebula. Also, that the pirates generally dealt with Rin-Sa Vin. HK-86 even managed to tap some of his contacts in Droid Town to obtain a schematic of The Shadowed Hand from the last time it had put in for repairs.

The size and firepower of the pirate ship got the crew looking for a way to get the box from them without engaging in a head-on space battle. They went to see Rin-Sa Vin, masquerading as buyers interested in the pirates’ latest haul, and were able to set up a meeting with them in a few days’ time.

As they were returning from meeting with the broker, they were ambushed by a gang of thugs. They made fairly short work of them, but HK-86 slipped into his slaughter programming and killed most of the attackers. One survivor, facing some rather intimidating questioning, revealed that Yan Retwin had hired him because Yan was working with Jyn Starfell.

Now, the crew is unsure how much the pirates know about them, and whether or not the trap meeting they’ve set up will trap Jyn Starfell or them.


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