Sundog Millionaires

Pirates of the Mollek Nebula, Part Two

Things started out a little rough for our heroes. Just before they were about to leave Kyra’s Wheel, station security arrested Jopsi Tanoor for his involvement in the shoot-out that left several bodies on the deck. The crew debated trying to free him before pursuing the pirates, but then they received a message from Hal Pash that he had successfully infiltrated The Shadowed Hand, disguised as one of Jyn Starfell’s pirates, and was ready to spring into action.

So, they left Jopsi in jail, trusting that they would be able to come back and free him after they’d completed the more time-sensitive mission of recovering the code-locked box that Coruscant Antiquities was paying them to retrieve. With the help of the information they had retrieved last session, and with Hal working undercover on the pirate ship, they managed to find it in the Mollek Nebula, approach it stealthily, and board it without anyone on board (besides Hal) noticing.

There followed some wonderful hijinks as the crew crept around the corridors of The Shadowed Hand, doing their best to deactivate any alarms (and accidentally triggering some), avoid groups of pirates (and walking right into the middle of some), and quietly snatching their objective from the secured cargo bay (and running afoul of Jyn Starfell there). HK-86 and Hal managed an escape from the cargo bay by ducking out an airlock and walking on the outer surface of The Shadowed Hand back to where Sundog was docked. And then they started blowing the crap out of The Shadowed Hand.

Trask Karan and Jowkabukk weren’t quite so lucky, however. They got cornered by Jyn Starfell and a large gang of pirates, and the fight was nasty. Trask eventually had to reveal his Jedi status, igniting his lightsaber in a beautifully cinematic scene, just to keep him and Jowkabukk alive. Jowkabukk took the brunt of the pirate blaster fire while Trask and Jyn dueled, and was shot down before help arrived.

But help did arrive, in the form of HK-86 and his really big guns. The brief respite this provided allowed our heroes to make their escape to Sundog, where Hal had already sent a distress signal to the Imperial forces in the area. With Jowkabukk in the infirmary, Sundog jumped to lightspeed just as the Imperial cruiser arrived, leaving the crippled pirate ship to deal with the officials.

On their way back to Kyra’s Wheel, Jowkabukk decided that he would try an open the code-locked box to see what was inside. It contained a rather battered lightsaber that, when Trask activated it, had a purple blade. They reverently sealed Master Windu’s saber back in the box for delivery to their clients.

And then turned their thoughts toward how they’re going to get Jopsi released from jail.


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