A refurbished YT-1930 Light Freighter, Sundog is a fast, tough ship. The crew has been somewhat lax about keeping up the regular maintenance schedule due to cash flow issues, but the ship is surprisingly tough, and the crew is resourceful. They’ve managed to keep her flying so far.

Lately, they have fitted the ship with a scavenged ion cannon. That’s not going to be a problem, right?

High Concept: YT-1930 Blockade Runner
Trouble: Maintenance Backlog
Other Aspects: The Kessel Run’s For Amateurs, Tougher Than Gundark Jerky

Weapons: Laser Turret (Weapon:4), Ion Cannon (Weapon:3)

Stunt: Ion Cannon – The Ion Cannon targets M stress and bypasses Armour. Shields still apply.

Armour:3 Shields: OOO

Stress: P OOO M OO


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